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The REEL Experience

The secret of creating reels that convert your followers into buyers...

You have to showcase the TRANSFORMATION.

You need to highlight the pains and struggles your target buyer is experiencing right now and how you can bridge the gap so they can push through the pains and struggles and achieve their goals and dreams.

You have to visually show them how you bridge the gap in your reels so much that when they watch your reels it feels like they are looking in a mirror. This is the first step to creating reels that convert your followers into buyers and bring ROI.

Time to say goodbye to reels that flop once and for all!!

No one wants a to create a reel that flops... particularly when the flopping occurs more than the winning. We all want to post reels than receive tons of engagement and everyone wants to be involved in but the one thing you need to know when it comes to reels is sometimes the ones that perform the worst bring in the best ROI for your business.

I'm taking a chance here and guessing that if you are here reading this right now than your reels are not great and need some work. The good news is that if you are a product or service based online business owner who has a goal of creating reels that completely knock your audiences socks off so much that they have to DM you and ask how the fuck can they work with you right now... than you are in the right place are now have the opportunity to completely transform your reels and entire business!

Trust me I would know because I am the evidence of someone who's reels and business if I am being completely honest used to totally SUCK BALLS! Yep, my reels and business used to totally suck balls! I'm telling you my reels were boring as bat shit and no looked at them... even my mum didn't like or comment on them and that is really saying something LOL!


And now my business has completely taken off and my reels are bringing nothing but success to my business. They are literally the only thing that brings me leads and sales and markets my business.

So what changed? How did I do it? They are questions I am going to answer in this program!

I have broken up my streamlined process of creating reels into simple steps from coming up with the idea right through to when I hit post and even a little after that. Whether you are a reel beginner or advanced you are going to want to be a part of this as I'm not holding anything back, I'm sharing with you EVERY. FINER. DETAIL.

Topics include:

Where to get ideas

Writing captions

Finding/ creating audios

Reel Branding

Filming Techniques

Special effects



Reel conversion


The Reel Experience

I'm also going to show you exactly how I created my Halloween and Reelmas reels step by step so you can walk away and instantly create the same high quality advanced reels that will bring you ROI.

You will receive 8 hours' worth of live trainings and 

You will also get access to join The REEL Community Facebook Group where you can ask questions, post reels for feedback, bounce of other business owners in the reel community who all want to level up their reels and so much more.

Here is the simple math...


This is the problem when it comes to reels...

  • You don't know where to start.

  • Reels make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

  • Your reels aren't grabbing your audience's attention.

  • Your reels aren't bringing in any ROI to your business.

  • No one engages with your reels.

  • You just don't know how to create great reels.

  • Your videography skills suck.

If it stays this way...


  • You will continue to feel overwhelmed.

  • You will remain on a hamster wheel and go nowhere.

  • You will continue to create reels that your audience doesn't want to watch or engage with.

  • Miss out on many sale opportunities.

  • Block yourself from achieving success.

What will happen if you participate & implement this training...

  • You will create reels with ease.

  • Your engagment will skyrocket.

  • Your audience will be reaching out to you wanting to work with you.

  • You will create reels so good your audience will be watching them on REPEAT!

  • Your reels will start to sell and bring ROI.

  • Your reels will attract better interactions and opportunities to your business.

  • You will develop/ enhance your videography skills.

A review
A review
A review

If you are reading this thinking "meh reels are just a fad" think again! Reels are here to stay and could be factor that makes or breaks your business right now. In 5 years' time 80% of businesses will be joining us in the online world and if you want your business to stand out and rise above the rest than reels are the way to do it. Half assing it and creating flops is not going to get you any further than where you are now, it's time become a pro and wow the fuck out of your audience.


Come and join me in THE REEL EXPERIENCE for $150.00 AUD (Valued at $999 AUD) and start creating reels that you are proud of and help your business to grow.

So tell me are you in??


The REEL Experience


101 REEL Prompts

From $180 to $165 (saving $15)

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