Social Media Mentoring/ Training


The truth is…

No matter who you are or where you come from, people will see you as a person of authority if you can make an impact on them in the present.

People care more about the positive impact you can make on their lives right now over anything you accomplished in the past.


The same goes with a business.


It doesn’t matter what qualifications you have, or the number of followers you have, or even the amount of views your reels receive… the only thing that matters to your audience is the IMPACT your product/ service/ business is going to make in their lives RIGHT NOW!!


Once you crack the code on how to market your impact in your niche which does take time and persistence, that’s when the magic starts to happen.




What if I told you I know how to crack the code. That I can help you level up your business and completely change your entire social media game.


As you may or may not already know social media is changing very consistently and fast paced. And you need to change too! What worked before WILL NOT work now!


Once upon a time we could get away with posting consistent images (even low-quality images) and reels of yourself just being a complete idiot or not even showing your face at all on your entire account EVER. The bloody good old days! Now that kind of behavior won’t even come close to getting you any likes or followers let alone sales!


The timeline, structure, and way we do business on social media has completely evolved. People no longer care about how great your logo is, or even what you are offering at the very start. What matters to your audience FIRST on social media now is YOU! They want to see and get to know the face behind the business before they make any kind of purchase. They need to know your story. You need to earn their trust, respect, loyalty, all the things before they hit buy now, or sign me up.



Because let’s face it… Every niche is oversaturated, there will always be competition and someone doing the exact same thing as you. So that means the only way to differentiate you from everyone else and make yourself stand out on an over saturated platform is YOU!

It’s your energy, vibe, personality, connection, passion and every else that makes you authentically you that will make the most IMPACT and drive the most SALES no matter what kind of business you have, product or service based.


Don’t get me wrong social media managers are great but *REALITY CHECK* you aren’t Nike, Target or a major brand… you are a small business and your personality shines through the voice of everything you do including your images, captions, reels, stories etc. So, it’s so important that you take initiative and show up, representing your business as a leader in your industry and shine your authenticity through every aspect of it, including your social media platforms. This is something no social media manager or anyone can do for you, its powerful and when you master exactly how to do it correctly that’s when you start making the most impact and attracting more sale opportunities.


This is what I want to teach you. I have learnt, I have invested in my knowledge, I have experimented, I have failed, and I have also succeeded.


I have cracked the code and I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you!

I want to help you change the game, rise above the crowd and succeed.


So, you have two options:

Level up or get left behind


If you are ready start making changes and attract better opportunities to your business then now is the time to start showing up as authentically you, making an impact, empowering, inspiring, and motivating your audience, letting YOUR voice shine through your social media accounts and learning how to rise above the crowd and achieve success.


Are you ready to level up your social media game?

Social Media Mentoring & Training
Social Media Mentoring & Training
Social Media Mentoring & Training