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Business Support

SAGE Beach

I have created a private Business Support Group.

This group is a judgement free space welcome to all and any business owners seeking support, advice and to openly discuss the lows of running a business.

Its a place where business owners can be free to share anything they wish and are asked to utilize this group for its sole purpose to seek support when you are feeling the lows in your business, regardless of who you are or what your business is as well as provide the same respect & support to others.

There is one rule in this group and that is that no thought or feeling is stupid. If you are feeling a low in your business please share, you never know someone may have or be feeling the same way and you may even make a new friend, learn something new or even help someone else.

This group is a safe space where there is absolutely no bullying of any nature, you must be kind and courteous to everyone and respect others particularly and most importantly their privacy, what's said in the group stays in the group.

We are all here and in this together let’s support each other!

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