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Attention all business owners...

Are you ready to level up your reels & increase your engagement, leads and sales?


Introducing... the REEL LIFE SAVER for product and service-based business owners to create reels consistently that actually achieve results and grow your business ON REPEAT!


"I have no words this is insane Britt! This is a Reel game changer- pun intended LOL" - Emma

If you...

  • Struggle with inspiration and coming up with creative ideas for your reels.

  • Wing it or don't post reels at all.

  • Are creating reels that aren't achieving any results or bringing you any ROI.

  • Are unorganized and have no structure or consistency with your reels creation.

  • Only copy trends and know you are not being authentic or original.

  • Waste hours creating one reel.

Then 101 REEL PROMPTS will be your hero!

101 Reel Prompts takes the guesswork out of creating reels and saves business owners so much time, stress and energy. 

101 Reel Prompts include...

  • 101 Reel Prompts with 1-2 examples and explanations for how to use each one, sorted into 6 content pillars (educational, inspirational, awareness, relatable, promotional and personal).

  • A step-by-step reel creation guide and planner for direction and optimal consistency and efficiency.

  • Plus 101 of my best reel tips and hacks so you can really level up your reels.

  • You will also get access to the exclusive private Facebook Group for 24/7 community support and inspiration.

  • A Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel version.

Say goodbye to wasted time, stress and energy and hello to endless reel ideas, consistency and business growth.

"The 101 Reel Prompts are great! So many ideas coming to my head as I read through them. I'm actually excited to create reels using them haha" - Danielle

With 101 Reel Prompts you will...

  • Confidently create reels with purpose and intention.

  • Attract better interactions and opportunities to your business through your reels.

  • Have endless reel ideas.

  • Increase your engagement, leads and sales off the charts ongoingly.

  • Post reels consistently and with ease.

  • No longer waste time, stress and energy when creating reels.

  • Having more time to focus on other areas of your business.

No more excuses you will have everything you need to create great reels that actually achieve real results and grow your business through social media.

101 Reel Prompts

So let me ask you does this sound like something you would like to take action on?

Hey Britt here. I am a qualified social media and marketing coach and expert who has helped many people transform their lives and run and grow their own successful online business through my private coaching and many other services.

Almost one year ago I said goodbye to my 9-5 on the Central Coast, Australia in order to build a business from my lounge room and spend more time with my children. 

Since then, I have gone on to build a very successful online business that is aligned with my wants and needs, so I can work when I want, where I want and how I want from anywhere in the world all whilst spending as much time with my family as possible. Now my mission is to inspire and help as many people as I can build their own successful online business so they too can live the life of their dreams.

Click here to learn more about me...

101 Reel Prompts

Here is a secret... I also don't think creating reels is easy, and no it definitely does not come naturally to me, but I know it's necessary. I want my business to be a huge fucking success, so I know that I have to build my social media presence and show up in order to do that which involves reels.

This is why I created and use my 101 Reel Prompts; which has evolved over the months and become the only way I can create reels without wasting endless hours scrolling through Instagram and TiK ToK for ideas and inspiration. It's also saved me so much stress and anxiety that I used to experience when I knew I had to create a reel. It would literally take me the whole day to create one reel (sometimes even 2 days) and now using these prompts I have put together overtime, I never run out of ideas and am able to batch and complete up to 10 reels (if not more) within 1-2 hours. To put the cherry on top, that one reel I would create in 1-2 days would always flop and fail to bring me any engagement let alone leads and sales. All that time, stress and energy for NOTHING! 

101 Reel Prompts

This bad cycle of creating reels would repeat over and over until one day I thought to myself it really shouldn't be this fucking hard and then I realized...

  1. I wasn't creating my reels with any purpose or intention based on any kid of content pillars, to funnel my audience to the result/ goal I desired.

  2. I wasn't inspired and struggled for ideas because I was trying too hard to be perfect and would overthink the entire reel.

  3. I would get so over scrolling for ideas that I would eventually just pick any trend and recreate it which in return was stopping me from being authentic and standing out as a leader in my industry, so instead my audience was just ignoring me.

  4. My lack of authenticity in my reels meant they were NOT scroll stopping or unique therefore they were not exciting my audience or attracting my ideal clients.

101 Reel Prompts have been a complete game changer for me and are everything I needed when I first started creating reels. I couldn't imagine how much better my business would be today if someone handed me these reels prompts back then. They are something I still use TODAY and are beneficial not matter how advanced or beginner you are at creating reels. They are suitable for any business and each one can be used multiple times.

101 Reel Prompts

"Thank you for giving me all the inspiration I needed. The content is great, so many good ideas I can execute!" - Lisa

At this point you may be starting to wonder what does something so beneficial and valuable cost?

Well, I can tell you that although 101 Reel Prompts has been valued at $299 AUD, you can get your hands on it

TODAY for just $101 AUD!!

So if you are ready, just go ahead and hit that "GET IT NOW!" button, and lets get to work creating reels.





From $300 to $225 (saving 25% off)

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